The Coloured Lights Burnt Out?(10 14 08)
So time is ticking by, and nothing is happening. TCL is holding on by a thread. I listen back to the music, watch the videos, and all i hear is the potential we had slowly dissolving in front of my eyes. And also, i hear the beautiful sound of my now deceased roland blues cube. Well I guess it's a mixed bag, since every death creates new life. The guys in the band are all moving into unchartered waters, Neil's making video games in cali, Kevin's a biochemist, Kent's working for a label, G's schmoozing with suits in vegas... tough to say things are going bad... but still, I realized today that there's one thing we forgot to do

A big thanks to all the friends, fans and family that supported us, listened to us, downloaded us, danced with us, partied with us and motivated us to keep doing what we were doing...

Keep in touch...
-Jay (and i'm sure Kent, Kevin, Gareth and Neil echo my thanks, so them too). :)

The Coloured Lights @ Meadowfest (07 16 08)
We are headlining an outdoor concert called Meadowfest. It's going to be at Richard Schwartz park in Cote. St. Luc. The event is designed to inform people about developers who want to develop 1200 condos on the Meadowbrook golf course and to let them know what they can do to help fight for the preservation of this greenspace. We're going to be on at 4:30pm on August 23rd, and there will be a few bands playing before us, starting around 1pm. The raindate is the next day. We are going to be hitting the speakers with a bit of a variety show (if all goes as planned). There's going to be a few electro-acoustic numbers and hopefully a few electric blues tracks with a secondary lineup, "the coloured lights blues band", if you will. There's talk of our old drummer showing up and rocking some drums too - so, as an experiment, it should be a lot of fun! It's a little bit outta the way, but get in contact with us ( and we can help you find a ride with someone.

The Next Phase of TCL (05 10 08)
Yeah yeah wait wait, sorry.. I know it's been a while... but finally... it's time to let you all know about the next phase of the coloured lights. First of all, we have to say goodbye to Neil, our drummer. He moved to california where important people in suits are harvesting his brain for ideas in exchange for copious amounts of ca$h. He will definitely still be around and come jam with us once in a while as his new vocation involves travelling to Montreal reasonably often... the only real loss here is his input on the new material, he's still very much a part of the TCL collective.

We have procured a ridiculous space in the downtown Montreal area where we've been playing music, recording and even producing other local artists. This space has inherited the name of our last space: Nada Yoga. You can read all about the latest at the Nada Yoga Blog which will be updated significantly more often than this site. The idea is to experiment with new musicians and new sounds until we are ready to put out the next TCL album. Since Nada Yoga is a fully equipped recording studio, we are planning to get our new tracks in order and get a collective of guest musicians to help collaborate on the new album. There's no hurry, and we're still in love with Twelve Steps to Space, so I can't give you an estimated date on when the new album will be ready. But lucky for you, we will be posting live jams and recording experiments on the Nada Yoga Blog more often than not. We love interacting with our listeners, so leave us comments on the blog, post on our Facebook, or better yet... come down and party, listen and jam with us... it's the only way we're gonna make it to the next album! AND you can be a part of it through your input or your own instruments! There's an air of change, and change is always exciting... so come spread the love . By the way, there's a party tonight. Get in touch!

New Free Music (03 08 08)
We've been hanging out in the studio getting ready for the summer of colour! I thought I'd let you guys hear what has been coming out. So I give you three gifts to enjoy:

- Little Things
- Threat Level Orange
- 15 Minutes of Infinity (feat. Jackson Gabriel)

We're experimenting with some new sounds so we'd love to hear your thoughts on myspace or facebook.

Everything Around's Breaking Down (01 03 08)
Happy NEW Yeaaaaaaaar~ TCL have assembled in montreal and we are building our new basement jam space party ass venue tastic super house studio drink record-o-matic. We are pretty busy trying to get everything organized for the upcoming tours.... but there have been more than a few requests for the lyrics from Twelve Steps to Space, and so I posted them. Once things settle down around here I will update you guys on everything else that's happened. In the meantime, I made another NES remix, this one of the final track of Twelve Steps to Space, you can listen to it if you want: tw31fthst3p.

W1r35 for NES (11 18 07)
Nintendo has come out with a port of The Coloured Lights' "Wires" for their Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) which you can download here.

Backstreet's Back ALRIGHT (11 09 07)
Happy Diwali! GUESS WHAT? We're back. Friends friends I'm sorry... I KNOW it's been so long! We were hard at work getting everything ready....and now we return bearing gifts. Our new album is finally done. It's called Twelve Steps to Space. GUESS WHAT ELSE? It's free for download at If you dig it, broadcast the URL on your facebook/MSN/myspace/AIM/etc! We are assembling our forces at the border... which involves fixing up our van, guitars, amps, keyboards, drums, pedals, 40oz whiskey bottles and everything else we need to get the party back on the road. GET READY FELLOW ASTRONAUTS - 2008 is the year the coloured lights go to space - higher than ever before! Also: we've put up all our early demos for download on the right-hand side of this page in case you're interested in hearing where we came from.

Wow man wowww... (05 17 07)
That tour was a pretty flippin sweet way to end things for now. Thanks for coming out to horseshoe, that show was so much fun for everyone involved. This year of touring recording and playing has shown us that this band is worth spending all our time on. We are taking a hiatus until January 2008 to make sure all the loose ends are tied up before we dive headlong into the black hole that is music. The full length CD is almost done recording, and some tracks have already been sent to be mastered. It sounds ridiculous, and has a couple surprises on it. For the rest of this year each band member is going their seperate ways to hone their skills in preparation for the war that lies ahead of us. Kevo-bot has secluded himself in a basement warehouse somewhere in montreal where he is analyzing the effects of biochemical drug design on music-listeners. Neil has flown off to China where he will finish learning how to build artificial intelligence while keeping it under his control. He hopes to eventually build a drum-playing robot so he can rock out in the mosh pit while the drums are being played by an artificial replica of his own brain. Jay is travelling to the southen most part of India where he will be trained in the lost art of musical meditation (nada yoga) by ancient artisans. Kent was planning on hitchhiking through the USA to get to south america and learn the ways of the bohemian surfers in brazil, but one of the drivers he hopped in with kidnapped him. We don't know where he is but he has left a message on my answering machine saying that he is okay and will be back in January. Finally, Gareth has been recruited by a top-secret government agency where he is learning to become a spy and assassin along with 14 clone soldiers that were created from his DNA. Keep checking back for word on the full-length album as well as two different live concert videos from Toronto and Montreal. OH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH. Before I go, I just want to thank all of you for supporting us and I want to thank Mazda and Upp Records for all the help.

Something in the way (04 16 07)
We are looking forward to our next tour across the 401 in May with Broadcast Radio - twice the on-the-road festivities. There's always a reason to celebrate! The album is coming along... finally... I had some problems getting into the groove of it but now I can feel it and it feels good. I uploaded some older songs and a live song on the TCL II myspace just for fun. Check them out. Also... I finally settled a 15 year rivalry by beating neil at street fighter 2, even though the second round wasn't a real win... time ran out. It still counts. In commemoration, 5 members of the SF2 cast have joined the band. Chun Li is a groupie too. I think that's all the updates.

Full Length and Live Albums on the WAY (03 29 07)
So listen up... super mother master focker thank you to everyone who came out to all the shows on this passed tour... it was easily our best and most successful tour to date. Not a SINGLE show was played to an empty room... i don't know if you know... but that's an acheivement in rock n roll... we also didn't lose money and even made a little(very little)! Also, super special thanks to the guy from london in the red hat i got in a fight with at the london show... you owe me 30 dollars to repair my fucking guitar, hahahhaa, but im glad you were rocking out so hard that you decided to attack me... but still... my poor guitar. Anyway... we are working on mixing a live album from the Sneaky Dees show in toronto... and we have begun work on our first full length studio LP (with special thanks to mazda for funding it... if you have ever dug anything we have ever done any show any recording... this album is what you (and we) have been waiting for. We're working hard on it... and in the mean time we are throwing a huge party to celebrate all our acheivements here in montreal... april 4th at CAFE CAMPUS for the UPP RECORDS debut... don't miss it... trust me. We have some surprises in store. Also check out our write up in the Mcgill Daily. Hoooo see you at cafe campus, call Nick @
514.726.8309 for presale tickets (they're cheaper).

Support for Breasts Worldwide (02 27 07)
BOOM BOOM! Thank you all so much for coming out to the sofa bar this passed sunday. You helped raise $2000 for breast cancer. Next up we're playing at Club Lambi on March 10th... and don't get too excited yet... but there's talk of recording a full length album in the near future. Just the thought gets me so excited my toes are curling and my hands are shaking and my shoelaces are loosening and my watch is slowing down and my handcuffs are locking and my hair is wilting and my eyes are watering and my shirt is like, totally chaffing me... i think i'm gonna take it off, that's cool with you right babe?

Jamspace Rockspace Experispace (02 16 07)
Whoa whoa so we threw a private show in our jamspace last night, it was quite a ridiculous evening. The sound in hear was warm with all the bodies and alcohol. Everyone had fun... wait i don't even know if that's true because i don't remember most of it. But I do remember kent supermanning me in the face as he soared over the drumkit like a flying dwarf. Fucker. Come to the sofa room on february 25th and support breast cancer awareness. With love, Vincent Valentine.

Cinco Studios Party (02 11 07)
Hey, for those of you who asked for directions to the show tonight... it's at 7080 Alexandria, suite 300. That's between Parc and St Laurent just south of Jean-Talon, in the plateau. If you feel like coming down its BYOB, and i understand its not at a regular venue, good place to meet some interesting people and get fuck-k-k-ked up with them... i reckon. PS. The spider is having you for dinner tonight.

RIP Juggernaut (01 24 07)
A moment of silence for the Juggernaut (aka the YMCA van). On our way back from the very last show of our last tour, in Guelph, a truss rod came loose, swung around and sliced the oil container in our tour van in half rendering the motor completely useless. She was a fine beast, and put up a good fight, surviving being impaled by a drunk driver and many kilometers on the road... but alas, woe are the coloured lights, as the beast has fallen. We had to rent a van to make our return to montreal and play Mcgill's SnowAP. Despite the financial hit, it was worth it thanks to all of you coming out and showing your support! Kent and Gareth also managed to play a gig at missy bar with acoustic guitars, showcasing their sensitive sides. Haha... well... we have a little time now to reorganize and figure out a new tour van before the big onslaught of shows in March and then again in May. So, did you hear RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE are reuniting for Coachella this year? Holy shit. Maybe we'll have to take whatever new tour van we get down to california this summer. Anyway, I will keep you posted, don't forget to check our songs out on the myspace.

Somewhere Satisfying (12 19 06)
Happy holidays my brethren. You might have noticed the new video up there! You can save a high quality version to your computer here: VIDEO (right-click - Save Target As...). I just finished making it with a digital camera at my parents house... a big budget production, let me tell you. Our first tour was a massive success... hopefully if you came out to the shows you got a free CD, if not, all the tracks are up on the myspace, but they are lower quality (look for TCL II). We played a super amazing homecoming show at la sala rossa, and we raise 600 dollars for with the help of Polar Eyes and Sire... so thanks for coming to that... we got to raise money and get absolutely hammered and play a ridiculous set of inebriated euphoria. We're getting ready to play on Toronto Radio 89.5 FM on Dec 21st at 9am for rush hour traffic, so tune in if you can... even if you want to sleep in, set you alarm clock to 9am and to 89.5 and you can listen in bed! We're gonna be playing horseshoe tavern on the 27th too so come to that if you're in the city. We have some huge things planned for the new year including possiblities of a cross-canada tour... so we might be able to make it out to BC to meet all of Kent's friends down there! But before any of that we're coming back to guelph to party with our conjoined twins YOU YOURSELVES at the shadow - fuck yeah. Anyway stay tuned stay fresh and keep warm as january hits... and if you have a bad taste in your mouth for the holiday season please spit it out, even if there's something in the way.

Just to Give Me a Rise... (11 09 06)
Alright, alright, shit. So yeah the kingston shows rocked like no rock has ever rocked before... and the joy of going back to oakville and waking some people up from the hypnotic dream that city puts on you was bliss... the truth lies in the pudding... or is it the proof? Something like that. The first ottawa show was Kent's first attempt at crowd surfing... and the first leg of our ontario tour came only at the cost of a lost ipod, an allan key and the switch for the pickup on Jay's guitar. Not too bad... we're heading back to ottawa in STYLE on monday and we're working on our big toronto show. We've been handing out teaser CDs... but the demo, as a complete entity, is almost done! It's been a while but trust me it's worth it... when you don't have big companies supporting you, you gotta take the time to replace the money. I think we could all use more time and less money so... buy a watch? We'll see you on the next leg of shows, and make sure to check out the myspace to watch a psychadelic clip of the band playing live by Josh Hansen. Until then we wish you a stress free peace full breast milk existence, and don't try to hide from us we can see you with our collective sharingan. the coloured lights are reviving the spirit of rock n roll one bar at a time... make sure to show up to Guelph on time because You Yourselves fucking rock... and show up to the circus room because the urban monks play some MEAN bob dylan covers! Say yeah, come on, so come on, say yeah.

For you? Anything. (10 05 06)
Shiiit it's been a while since we've been up on this site. More than a month. We've played more than a few gigs including two Mcgill Frosh shows and a giant show at Kola Note with Broadcast Radio. It's been a whirlwind of a summer. Now that we've played almost every venue in Montreal... it's time to move it along. We're hitting up Quebec, Sherbrooke, and Trois-Rivieres with our buddies the FUTURE PERFECTS. And also we're in the process of booking shows through Ontario as well. As for the demo... it's almost all done, with special thanks to Total Blitz Audio for helping us. Before we announce the demo's release, there are two early mixes you can hear on the myspace so go check them out for now and we'll let you know when we have them all done... and watch out for GANGSTA CRIZZAB.

This is a stick up. Let's not make it a murder.(8 18 06)
We stuck it right up Cafe Campus to a packed house of all you gottis. Through it all we told ya, we told ya, the party is right here you don't need to go anywhere. And now the party can continue long into the many nights that remain in our lives. I'd say thanks but why the hell should I? You put on just as big a show as we did. Let's do it, like the birds & the bees just do it. Huge ones comin' up, just come to your hearts content, come all over Montreal! Oh ya the demo will rule.

Bazzompak Funky(8 07 06)
So by about the fourth time that Zeke told us that we were playing too loud for his little venue, Scott, the futureperfects drummer, decided to refuse... Zeke's brain started to malfunction and he started spouting some random shit about guidelines.... so we left... we moved the show to the pound and played as loud as we fuckin wanted to. Some new last minute shows announced today, we're playing on Aug 11th at barfly... so that means TCL are playing thurs/fri/sat this week... I'm sure you can make it to at LEAST one of em. We're also gonna blow the roof off of cafe chaos on the 20th with the dangers... that is not gonna be a show to miss. We're about to go into the studio to record the drums for the new SUPERdemo... we'll keep you posted.

Match Highlights (7 28 06)
Thanks to anyone who came to the bread factory, barfly, or the playhouse. Three completely different shows, sprucing things up, keep em guessing. Thanks to all the bands we played with this week. Next up we are going to sell sanctuary at Zeke's Gallery with the futureperfects. We are working on getting a really solid demo recorded before we head out on tour, we'll keep you updated, but look forward to a golden disc ~

Sun Kiss (7 19 06)
Our five brave soldiers are travelling forward, vanquishing bad music with their rock n roll power. Thanks to everyone who came to the summer shows so far... the rest of them are only going to get better and better. Some of the upcoming shows are casual and some are more intense, but both ways the band is ready to melt your face; should you want it melted. They are presently busy blueprinting a battle plan on a small north-eastern american tour and birthing new songs, but feel free to leave a message in the guestbook or on myspace.

Juggernaut (7 12 06)
Throughout all of eternity, one band has managed to survived orcish onslaughts, meteor impacts, floods, hurricanes, religious crusades, power struggles and divine intervention. That band is The Coloured Lights. We are truly the juggernaut, bitch. We've been through it all... and that's why you need to listen to us RIGHT NOW. Scientists have predicted a serious nuclear fallout in the area. Apparently the only buildings protected in the city of Montreal tommorow night are those with the proper ratio nitrogen gas to oxygen in the air. This includes only two places... Club Supersexe and Hemisphere Gauche. We strongly recommended finding one of these two places tommorow night if you want to live(and party).

Can You Believe How Much I'm In Heaven? (6 27 06)
More shows have been added. More are coming. You better get ready. We're kicking it all off with the second saturday in July at Grumpy's, one of our favourite watering holes. Decent priced booze and they have a killer folk jam every thursday night. Highly recommended. Saturday July 8th at Grumpy's is also highly recommended because thats when we'll be coming and we'll be rocking it up with a killer New York band called Nonpareel.

Subarashii, Brazil v. Japan and the Grail (6 22 06)
Upon nigh meditation, we have finally summoned from the bowels of Jack Black & Kyle Glass. Look for our cameo in Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny, in theatres Summer 2006. Finally, absorb some of our magic sauce at one of our new upcoming shows: Cafe Chaos, Grumpy's, Kola Note, Zeke's Gallery.

Monster Summer Montreal Show Announcement (6 15 06)
YEeeeeeeehaw, are you ready to be illuminated by the warm sonic glow of the coloured lights? Well check out the shows list to the right and make it out to as many of these summer shows as possible. I personally promise you that you will not regret it, and if you do then you can punch me in the face. There are more shows on the way, so keep checking the list, you won't want to miss any of them, we're expecting a different injury every night.

Live (6 04 06)
The Coloured Lights new four-song demo called Live is officially complete. Listen to it here.

Demo Tracks Have Been Laid (6 02 06)
We have finished recording all the tracks of our new 4-track demo. We're in the process of mixing and mastering it, and when the songs are all done they will be broadcast in the basement. Check back soon to hear it. The temporary track list is as follows: i don't answer - wires - what happens? - open channels.

New Video - Open Channels @ The Green Room (5 24 06)
Click on the video link above to watch a short clip of the climax of Open Channels from the green room show.

With a bottle of whiskey. (05 23 06)
Thanks for everyone who made it out to the green room show last night and to Kid Metropolis and Sire. It was a lucid dream and the songs crawled off the stage like the ooze crawled into the sewer to make the teenage mutant ninja turtles. If you came to the show, please leave us a message in the guestbook. We're in the process of booking some more shows, keep checking back and tell us if you know of any venues we can light up.

THIS is how life should be. (05 11 06)
The coloured lights' montreal "basement" is now fully operational. We have been rocking non-stop since the bottom and top have been in town. If you are downtown in montreal and love to party, we start at noon every day. Leave a message in the guestbook with your e-mail address and we'll send you directions and you can come party, red green and shisha. The songs are coming together nicely you will fucking love it.

All night and day, city lights and the sun. (04 27 06)
We are now assembling to record our new demo next to the train tracks in downtown Montreal. Hell yes, we've been waiting all year. We will take time out of the studio to play gigs in the city, the first of which has been booked. The Coloured Lights will be opening for a great Toronto band called Kid Metropolis at The Green Room on May 22nd, 2006 at 9pm.